Friday, September 11, 2009

Little Tikes

Today was 'bring your adorable children' to the shoppe day (unofficially). Our day started with super-cute, adorable Claire (a.k.a ladybug). We did Miss Claire's birthday cupcakes in May, which were completely pinkalicious. So she brought her lovely mom, Camille, into our shoppe today for a re-visit. We adore Claire so very much and I hope that her mom doesn't mind me using her photo for our blog; I just couldn't resist. Claire was wearing her very stylish ladybug top, pigtails and an adorable flower in her hair when she arrived. Miss Claire is always very sweet, polite and thanks us for her lovely cupcakes. So, we have fallen madly in love with Claire and everything she says we giggle and aawww over. I am sure that she thinks we might be a little crazy.

Later in the day, we had a new family visit our shoppe courtesy of Third Street Stuff (a shoppe we adore). A lovely mom brought her two young sons in and they enjoyed our cupcakes outside on our rock wall. The boys were very polite; saying thank you for sprinkles which I greatly appreciate. So, they left our shoppe and I continued baking when a few minutes later, my door opens via one of the adorable young boys. I smile and he says "Thank you for the very delicious cupcakes". Of course my heart melted and I thanked him for thanking me. Then a few seconds later, the door opens again and it is the younger-younger boy who says, "The cupcakes were yummy, thank you!". Oh my gosh! My heart literally turned into goo right on the spot. They were so polite and appreciative; they actually came back into the shoppe on their own just to thank me. Warm fuzzies everywhere! I really wanted to chase their mom down, give her a ginormous hug and thank her for bringing such amazing future men into the world. So, this post is dedicated to all the moms out there. You are doing a phenomenal job and I am soo excited to watch all your babies grown into beautiful, soulful adults with their tummies full of cupcakes!

Peace & Love,