Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There's Cookie Dough in Your Wedding Ring

Husband and I went shopping this weekend, which of course, is one of my favorite things to do. I actually really enjoy shopping with the husband. He has great taste and reels me in when my flights of fancy get a little over the top, which I provide the above picture as proof since he was not with me when I purchased Miss Kitty Meow-Meow for Halloween. I have been wanting a simple, delicate wedding band for some time to wear in the cupcake shoppe, so we stopped into a lovely jewelry store over the weekend. The older gentleman helping us was very sweet and as we waited for my 'cupcake band' to be prepared I asked if he would mind cleaning my much loved original wedding bands. He was happy to do so as we perused their beautiful, shiny baubles. We were getting ready to leave, so the gentile jewelry man removed my wedding day bands from the cleaning boxes and as he did so, he broke out his monocle magnifying glass to see if they were complete. As he was walking toward us, this was his finding:

Lovely jewelry store owner peering at my adored bands through his monopoly guy monocle, "Well, they do look rather clean, but it would appear that you have some chocolate chip cookie dough lodged in the prongs of your engagement ring. If you leave them with me for another 2 hours, I can make them look brand new."

Me, laughing at this wonderful discovery, "That's okay; I'm not sure they would be the same without a little cookie dough added in."

That pretty much made my afternoon, discovering that my love for my shoppe just melded completely with my one and only true love. You never know what you will find with the help of a sweet, monocle wearing, jewelry store owner.

Peace & Love,