Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wheat Free is Alright By Me

So, Jack the dog has (thankfully)calmed down the past few days, but we have discovered a horrible thing in regards to the dog Jack. He is allergic to wheat. Now this doesn't seem like a horrible thing until you realize that the Doggie Cake that is named after said Jack (Jack Snacks) is in fact, made of whole wheat flour. Ohhh the irony. We took him to the vet after a horrible ear infection and one of our lovely vets, Dr. Jude, at Sheabel said that this could be a possibility and that I shouldn't 'allow' Jack to eat his own dog treats. I must say I was a little heartbroken and a little skeptical; it could really be anything like cheese, his best friend Ben the cat or just a freak ear thingy. So we went through the whole steroid thing, antibiotics, hair shaving and hundreds of dollars later he was much better. Although the steroids brought out a whole new side of the dog Jack that I don't wish to repeat EVER again. So last week, I happened to bring some Jack Snacks home from the bakeshoppe and the dog Jack just happened to sneak two off the table while my back was turned. Honest Dr. Jude if you happen to be reading this, I did not give them freely. The dog Jack is uber-sneaky for 100 lbs. Literally, the very next day bad things started to happen and we are back to an 'almost' hot spot. Dr. Jude was right and I now have a ginormous golden bear with allergies who can no longer eat the dog treat that is named after him. So, I am creating new treats that will be available this weekend for us doggy parents with sensitive pooches. There will be no wheat anywhere. The wonderful people at Sheabel tell me Golden Retrievers are prone to every known disease. Which works out perfectly since I am absolutely addicted to the breed?!! I remember when I was young, we always had animals everywhere; dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters and even a baby deer once who locked my grandmother in her wood shed, but she doesn't like that to be discussed. Those animals lived outside and we fed them whatever; they lived forever and never had any issues. Now I have a pooch who can't ingest wheat without swelling up like a balloon, but I digress. The morale of this story is that BabyCakes Cupcakes will now offer wheat-free and wheat-full treats at the shoppe in an attempt to stave off large vet bills for myself and others.

Peace & Love,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dog Days of May

Good Morning Dolls! I would like to introduce you to Jack (pictured above), my fuzzy love. Jack was brought into our family close to 5 years ago as a friend to our sweet, precious Bella Rose. Jack was by all accounts her 'puppy' and was supposed to be my husband's dog, but Jack and I fell madly in love. He has always been an incredibly sweet, fun-loving, snuggle bunny, calm and extremely well behaved dog. When Bella was in her last stages of lymphoma and blind, Jack was very gentle with her and guided her sightless self throughout her daily grind. He is just a great, mindful doggy...until now.
The husband has been away from the house for work for close to a week now and this is the first time that Jack has been without daddy. Husband always tells me that I should be sterner (is that a word?!) with Jack and I always say, 'Jack totally listens to me and knows when I mean business'. Oh dear friends, my statement was totally untrue, but when spoken, I truly believed that Jack knew the difference between my lovey voice and my 'I mean business fuzzy buddy and I will take no excuses'. The dog Jack is pushing every button that I have; I can only assume it is because he is the only dominant male in the house now. There are bags that have been in our extra bedroom since Christmas that he has never touched and suddenly he has decided to pull every bit of tissue paper from said bags and rip them all throughout the house. There was a plastic bottle of black icing that had been sitting on the table for at least 3 weeks that he never took a second glance at that he decided to demolish and deposit said black icing down the hall carpet. Jack has taken all the yard clippings and kindly deposited them on our back deck. As I am typing, he has thoughtfully pulled up my lavender plant (the entire lavender plant) and placed it at the sliding glass doors for me to see. All of his precious stuffed animals, that he lovingly adores, are taking a serious beating in some innocent and non-innocent ways. He is even drinking out of the toilet dolls!!! He has NEVER drunk from the toilet.....EVER! I can only hope that this phase will pass considering that said husband will be away from the house a lot. If not, me and the 100 pound Jack will be attending some obedience classes. Considering all of this has gone down in less than a week, please pray for my remaining plants, his stuffed babies (tiny, blue, mr. baa baa, oscar, bob and chuck)and my shoes because I fear they are next. My problem, as you can see from the above picture, is that he is freaking adorable; like a gigantic golden teddy bear. I must remain strong, I must use my stern I-mean-business-voice, I must not fold to his sad puppy eyes. Dear friends...who am I kidding.

Peace & Love,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Remaining Calm

All went well on Good Morning Kentucky 36 today. I did not pass out, or throw up, or stutter, or say non appropriate words or fall down. It was a very fun time and the people at WTVQ were wicked awesome and very sweet. I can't say that I would be that nice at 5:50 a.m. everyday, but they were amazing. My 'free spirited spazziness' remained in check and I think that the cupcakes spoke for themselves.

Here is the link if you would like to check us out:

Have a beautiful Monday dolls!

Peace & Love,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nervous Anticipation

Happy Sunday loves!! I am trying to remain calm this beautiful Sunday afternoon because Monday morning BabyCakes Cupcakes has been invited to Good Morning Kentucky. It is an amazing opportunity and we feel very blessed, but I am extremely nervous about it. Husband is not able to appear with me and him being there would have made me feel less nervous. I am the spaz and he is the grounded one in our little family. Plus, I don't really do the make-up thing; not well anyway. Nor the hair thing, so I am in for a double whammy. I am determined to pull up my big girl panties and try to represent our little cupcake shoppe as well as possible. All while not throwing up on the host of Good Morning Kentucky because while that makes for gossip-worthy TV, it is not the image I would like to convey for our cupcakes. So, if you are watching tomorrow morning, please send me some good, calming vibes and if possible, push some Valium through your TV set.

Peace & Love,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chocolate and Ceiling Tiles

Things at the cupcakery can get rather crazy at times. Really, it is mainly me that gets rather crazy at times; the shoppe holds its own. During the morning hours, I am like a little tornado breaking eggs, stirring batter, rushing through clouds of powdered sugar and trying very hard not to slip on all the water that I always tend to splash about. Somehow this morning, I managed to lean so far into our three compartment sink (while the water was running)that a large quantity of water poured like a river down the front of my clothes. Unfortunately, my Palm Centro took the brunt of this flash flood and now a replacement is on the way. So, husband came by to take my drowned phone to the Sprint store and as we were in the kitchen chatting, he happened to look up at the ceiling....

Love of my Life: "What is that on the ceiling?!"

Me: me looking up innocently, "I think that it is chocolate"

Love of my Life: "How in the hell did you get chocolate on the ceiling?!"

Me: "I don't really remember how. I just remember that when it happened I thought that it was extremely cool. I honestly believe you could spackle an entire house with chocolate and things would be fine."

Love of my Life: "I would really like a chocolate room; not the color, actual chocolate"

Me: "This conversation is getting a tad weird"

Love of my Life: "Don't blog about this"

Me: smiling foxily, "I can't make that promise"

So today it was chocolate on the ceiling and a small flood down the front of my clothes; tomorrow who knows. I am having an absolute blast though!

Peace & Love,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two of My Favorite Things

Cupcakes and Chucks are two of my very favorite things in life. Now, through the miracle of modern technology we have...Cupcake Chucks!!!! Today is a good day my friends because these babies are mine, all mine!

Life is Sweet.

Peace & Love,