Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winning Cupcake Statement of the Day

There were a lot of deserving statement winners of the day regarding our cupcakes, but the prize must go to the lovely mature lady who brought her grandchildren into the shoppe around five this afternoon.

Lovely Mature Lady: "We were afraid that we would miss you before you closed. You guys close at 5:00 right?"

Me: "No ma'am, we actually close at 6:30 during the week".

Lovely Mature Lady looking at her grandchildren and giggling a little: "Are you serious? We literally ran 3 red lights to make it here in time."

Me laughing: "Well, thank you for putting your car in jeopardy to have our cupcakes and I am sure your grandchildren loved the adventure."

You gotta love cupcake mania. The runner's up were as follows:

"The pink lemonade cupcake seriously changed my life."
"I have been avoiding you, so that I could lose a few pounds, but I missed you too much."
"I did some research and you can carry-on cakes and pies, so I need your cupcakes to fly to Chicago with me."

I soooo love you guys! You absolutely brighten my day and my laughter has filled this shoppe all day long!

Peace & Love,

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